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"Peanut's Story"

I first laid eyes on this mare in November 2015, when a friend of mine purchased her from a rescue pen as an unhandled 3 year old and brought her to me to board and work with the mare. When she first arrived she was shaking in the trailer. I hopped in the trailer with her and worked on getting a halter on her. With her not being halter broke, we ran her down the isle way to a stall at the end of the isle. The first few day were rough. Her coming from a rescue she was in quarantine, not able to see another horse, when all she has ever known was free range. She would pin her ears at me when I would enter her stall to feed her hay and grain and when it came to cleaning her stall, she thought the stall fork was going to get her and should double barrel kick. As days past, you could see her start to relax and her eyes looked brighter when she would see you coming! I found out that she was an extremely smart mare and she looked to please. Once she was out of quarantine, we started ground work and eventually saddle work. April of the following year her owner decided to get out of horses and asked me if I would like to have her? Of course I said yes! As the months went by she started to really bloom into a really nice mare. In 2017 I took her to our first APHA show. She exceeded all my expectations and I couldn't have asked for anything more. We also took 2 trips out west in 2017 and 2018. You could point that mares nose in any direction and she would go no matter the obstacles in her way. In summer of 2018 we bred her to Hashtags. Shortly after bringing her home from the vet, I went out one morning and she was reluctant to rise. I got her to her feet and she was favoring the front left. My first thought was abscess.  So I soaked her foot in Epson salt for a few days and applied a poultice. After a week of no improvement I called my vet. I explained to her the initial symptoms and that there was no improvement and she looked as if she was foundering now, by her way of tracking. She came out and drew blood and gave her bute and told me to keep doing as I was. The Next day she called and said that her WBC count was over 20,000 which is very high. Normal ranges are 10-14,000. She had me start her on SMZ. We weren't sure what was causing the laminitis. She never presented with any type of fever, or went off feed,  nor had anything changed in her diet. We tried Ox tetracycline for possible Lyme's, and than re-tested blood work but nothing seemed to impact the infection that she had. We continued her on SMZ for 30 days and than re-tested once again.  We iced her feet continuously, had her on pain meds and tried to keep her as comfortable as possible. After 30 days the test came back that the WBC were now within normal ranges. We did X-rays and found out that she had rotation in both front feet. I was so upset, why is this happening? We blocked her feet and put on shoes. With the shoes and the pain meds she seemed to be more comfortable. But was the weeks past she started developing abscesses in both front feet and than did not want to stand at all. in the midst of all of this we preg- checked her and found out that on top of it she was in foal to HASHTAGS. We decided to try to get her through this and foal her out in the spring but it wouldn't be easy for her or us. We re-x-rayed a month after the first set and noticed that there was even more rotation of the coffin bone and her abscesses kept draining and she than developed bed sores from laying down all the time. We tried different medications, supplements, shoes, boots, PEMF you name it we tried it. I was going to fight for her no matter the cost. In the spring she had been without any abscesses for a few months and was wanting to go outside and I saw that light in her eye again. But it was just the calm before the storm. She foaled June 8, 2019 and had a beautiful grullo filly. I was so excited but my first concern was did she get up? My vet texted me a few mins later to let me know that she was up and her and the foal were doing well. We had a farrier who bless his heart heard peanuts story and offered to help! He used the Epona shoe on her which seemed to help but with how painful her feet were, with the abscess returning it took hours to just put a set of front shoes on. She was always happy to see me when I would come in and sit with her and baby but as the weeks went by she slowly started to loose that spark in her eye. I couldn't keep her alive any longer just for my benefit and she was in pain. We made the painful decision to lay her to rest. She will forever hold a place in my heart. I hope her daughter follows in her footsteps. Until we meet again sweet girl.